BE FLUID - Face Moisturising Fluid

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The fast-absorbing formula of our fluid allows the high-dose ivy and iris extract to have an immediate effect. The combination of these two extracts strengthens and activates the skin's vitality. Aloe vera, sunflower oil and grapeseed oil help the skin retain its natural moisture. and the fresh lemon balm finish revitalises your body and mind, boosting your energy.


Ivy, which grows so beautifully on trees or up house walls, also helps us to get beautiful and firm skin, because the ingredients of the leaves have an astringent property. Ivy extract helps regenerate stressed skin and strengthens and activates the skin's vitality.

  • Fragrance: Ivygrape seed oil.
  • Content: 30ml in glass bottle
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  • Application: Apply a pea-sized amount of fluid evenly to your face. You can use the fluid in the morning or in the evening after cleansing. In combination with BE [HYDRO] MY FRIEND, the fluid works wonders
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  • Contents: Amino Acid Derivative from Sugar Beet Molasses, Blend of Stearic Acid, Lame Cream, Aloe Vera**, Natural Glycerin Monostereate, Organic Acid from Fructose**, Biopolymer of Larch, Vitamin E, Grape Seed Oil, Ivy Extract, Xabtham Gum, Cucumber Extract, Salt of Annic Acid, Parfum*, Natural Complexing Agent, Linalool*, Lemon Oil*. Complexing agent, linalool*, limonene*, citronelool*, sodium benzoate, alcohol,potassium sorbate *perfuming with essential oils
  • Made in Austria



We'd love to be your best friend from now on. BE [...] MY FRIEND is a fresh and young skincare label, which was founded in 2015 by the Austrian Petra Schröckeneder in Salzburg with the mission, to create high-quality, purely plant-based skincare products that can be used and combined for various purposes at the same time, .

Away from the fully stocked bathroom cabinet, to the natural, minimalist shelf full of wonderfully fragrant and soothing, purely organic and vegan face & body care, naturally produced and bottled in beautiful Austria.


There are two things that are so really important to us: your skin and the treatment of our environment.

So let's be friends - just BE [...] MY FRIEND!

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