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Less Face Oil plus | Face Oil plus | Dry Skin

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  • Regenerating facial care of the highest quality
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  • 100% natural, vegan and sustainable
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  • Totally non-irritating due to worldwide unique purity
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  • Effectively reduces redness and surface damage
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  • Nourishes, hydrates and smoothes the skin
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  • Refines pores and evens skin texture
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  • Ideal also for the care of the sensitive eye area
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  • Recommended by dermatologists
  • Ingredients: jojoba oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil
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  • In the world of abundance and mass production, quality is a crucial factor. The ingredients are carefully selected and of exceptional quality. They come from the best oil mills in the world, are certified organic and have been elaborately pressed without the addition of heat.
  • Made in Germany


A uniquely pure, effective and irritation-free skin care.

Uniquely pure skincare specially formulated for sensitive skin. With an extra rich formulation to effectively treat dry and surface-damaged skin types.


Less Face Oil Plus is a multi-award winning facial skincare product that is unique in its exceptional purity worldwide. Unlike creams and lotions, it consists solely of active ingredients and is completely free of additives. It soothes the skin, heals the skin's protective barrier and stimulates the skin's natural ability to renew cells. For irritation-free, soft and sustainably even skin.



    Moisten the face with plenty of warm water. Pour half to one pipette of Less Face Oil into wet hands and gently massage into damp face. The oil mixes with the water and both are quickly absorbed into the skin. The skin is moisturised, intensively nourished and the skin barrier is gently repaired. Tip: Apply the Less Face Oil at the end of a shower (while still in the shower) when the skin is maximally moisturised.




    Naturalness and consistent reduction to the essential.

    Less was founded in 2016 by Dr David Scherf with the aim of creating a skincare line that is made entirely of active ingredients and does not contain a single additive. The result of the two Less principles - as little and as natural as possible - is a novel form of skincare that is both highly effective and uniquely skin-friendly.

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