Moroccan Cleansing Clay | Cleansing Clay

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  • Volume: 500 g
  • Very fine spa quality clay
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  • Totally free from surfactants
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  • A form of skin cleansing that has been tried and tested for thousands of years
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  • Binds pollutants and fats instead of dissolving them
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  • Protects the delicate skin barrier
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  • For uniquely soft and irritation-free skin
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  • Ingredients: Premium quality Moroccan clay (Ghassoul)
    Elaborately refined to a silky tone
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Facial care with earth


High quality cleansing earth from Morocco's Atlas Mountains. With unique structure and absorbency. Cleanses deep into the pores without stripping the skin. For soft and sustainably balanced skin. Recommended by dermatologists.

Soaps, shower gels and shampoos clean - like dishwashers and cleaning agents - with surfactants. Surfactants are substances that dissolve dirt and grease by breaking down their surface. However, surfactants also attack the skin barrier, as this also consists of fats. The skin loses its natural self-protection, which causes the skin's moisture to evaporate and bacteria to penetrate the skin from the outside.


Ghassoul is used by the best spas in the world for its therapeutic benefits.


Cleansing with Less works in a fundamentally different way. Instead of breaking down pollutants and fats, they are bound.

Ghassoul (pronounced Rasul) is a spa-quality clay that is thousands of years old and can only be found in Morocco's Atlas Mountains. Due to the special composition of its micro-molecules, the clay has unique cleansing properties. Mixed with water and applied to the skin, the clay particles powerfully bind impurities, toxins and excess oils while leaving out the fine lipids that form the skin's delicate protective layer. The result is healthy and deeply pore-cleansed skin that is not disturbed in its natural function as a moisture reservoir and protective shield.

Application: For a head-to-toe cleanse, use two spoon washing soil into the flat fill a stainless steel bowl and add twice the amount (four spoons) of hot water. Let sit without mixing for about 3 minutes so that the soil soaks up with the water and cools down. Gently spread the mud over wet skin in the shower. Avoid the eyes and lips. After a short exposure, shower off carefully. The skin is deeply cleansed, refined and velvety soft.

For a quick facial cleansing, simply put a little Ghassoul in the palm of your hand and add a little water. Then spread on wet face and rinse off with water.


Naturalness and consistent reduction to the essentials.

Less was founded in 2016 by Dr David Scherf with the aim of creating a skincare line that consists entirely of active ingredients and does not contain a single additive. The result of the two Less principles - as little and as natural as possible - is a novel form of skincare that is both highly effective and uniquely skin-friendly.