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SPICE 94 - Non-alcoholic spirit

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Rich in aroma with intense spice notes from allspice berries & cardamom, lush citrus notes from lemon & grapefruit peel and a long-lasting tart finish from premium barks of oak & cascarilla.
  • Distilled spirit without alcohol
  • .
  • Alcohol-free alternative to gin
  • 700ml glass bottle
  • .
  • Without sugar/calories/vegan
  • Ingredients: Nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, oak, cardamom, grapefruit and lime
  • .
  • 3 different flavours
  • Best enjoyed chilled
  • Made in England



"What to drink when you're not drinking"?

Seedlip Drinks non-alcoholic spirit for those who still like to enjoy fine cocktails. The British Ben Branson has been looking for just such an alcohol-free spirit for a long time. He took the matter into his own hands and revolutionised the world of fine drinks and bars. He came across the 17th century book "The Art of Distillation" - from which he derived the basics and craftsmanship for his non-alcoholic drink recipe.

Seedlip is the first fully aromatic distilled spirit without alcohol. Even the finest fine restaurants and bars have recognised its potential and serve the full-bodied drink. It is made from the finest ingredients such as herbs, woods and fruits, but without being fermented, which is how alcohol is produced.

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