Tea Gift Box | Grand Selection | 100 % Organic

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  • 36 tea bags
  • Each tea bag is individually wrapped, so the aroma is preserved
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  • the tea bags are in five languages (German, English, French, Italian, Russian)
  • One bag is very good for making a litre of tea
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  • unique organic quality
  • in Switzerland.
  • the recommended brewing time is printed on the individual packaging as well as on the tea bag tag
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  • the different varieties are easily distinguishable by colour
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  • 100% organically certified tea qualities.
  • Handmade tea bags, biodegradable
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The Sirocco "Grand Selection" is one of the absolute top products. On the one hand, it is visually eye-catching and an extremely presentable gift, on the other hand, it offers you or any tea lover the opportunity to try a large part of our high-quality organic tea range with just one product.

This 36 tea collection consists of two tea sachets each of the organic tea varieties Black Chai, Camomile Orange Blossoms, Ceylon Sunrise, Gentle Blue, Ginger Lemon Dream, Imperial Gold, Jade Oolong, Japanese Sencha, Green Jasmine, Moroccan Mint, Piz Palü, Purple Breeze, Red Kiss, Rooibos Tangerine, Green Tropic, White Peach, White Silver Needle and Yellow Wish and is packaged in a high-quality PET display.

    Until now, the exceptional quality raw materials were only available as loose tea; only Sirocco's handmade tea bags make it possible to process these first-class teas as individually packaged tea portions.

    The handmade bags made of biodegradable material are packed on the basis of natural corn starch (no nylon). Without the use of glue or staples, each bag is individually sewn by hand with unbleached, natural cotton thread - truly a small work of art.


    Over 100 years ago, Alfons Kuster founded his coffee roasting company on the upper side of Lake Zurich. Even then with a great love of detail. Just like today. Sirocco still finds the best producers for you. People who care for their products with heart and soul. People who make no compromises when it comes to the quality of their precious raw products.

    Of course, much has changed since then, but the company makes a point of ensuring that the spirit of this venerable tradition lives on with modern and sustainable cultivation and processing methods. Because that's where coffee differs from coffee and tea from tea. That is precisely where our palate feels the difference. And enjoys the memory of tradition with every drop.