The Anatomy of Color - The Story of Heritage Paints and Pigments

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The Anatomy of Colour is the definitive book on the use of paint and varnish in interior decoration over a period of 300 years. Drawing on his vast specialist archive, historian and colour expert Patrick Baty traces the development of pigments and lacquer paints, as well as colour systems and standards, and examines their influence on colour palettes used in interiors from 1650 to 1960.

He first traces the emergence of common and expensive paints from traditional earth pigments in the period 1650 to 1799. He then examines the emergence of colour systems and standards and their influence on colours, as well as the impact of industrialised production on the nature and durability of colours. Alongside the authoritative and insightful text are specially commissioned photographs of pages from rare colour books. Throughout the book, reproductions of interiors from home books highlighting the distinctive colour trends and painting styles of each era accompany the in-depth analysis of the history of colour and the development and use of paint colours in interior design.

  • Title: The Anatomy of Colour
  • .
  • Author: Patrick Baty
  • Publisher: Thames & Hudson
  • Release date: 18.07.2017
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780500519332
  • Size: 21 x 27.1 cm
  • Weigh: 1760gr.
  • Features: Hardcover, 352 pages over 500 illustrations


About the author

Historian of architectural paints and coatings Patrick Baty works as a consultant on the decoration of historic buildings and owns Papers and Paints in London. He was employed by Dulux and Little Greene to develop a range of traditional paints for English Heritage, and he lectures regularly on the subject of colour and painting in 18th and 19th century interiors


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