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Article: An unparalleled attention to detail

Eine unvergleichliche Liebe zum Detail - ASANDRI STUDIO

An unparalleled attention to detail

"The Superior Labor"is a Japanese lifestyle brand that makes useful companions for everyday adventures. We totally fell in love with their leather and canvas accessories. Their products are versatile and durable, and the more you use them, the softer and more beautiful they become.

Superior Labor, 2way tote bag, leather key case

The brand was founded in 2007 by designer and master craftsman Makoto Kawai and his wife Yoshimi. Since its inception, Superior Lab has been about outstanding design, quality materials and unparalleled attention to detail.


superior lab handcrafted products
Makoto Kawai:
"Expressing myself or wanting to do what others don't could be the motivation for people who start working with this style. I want to do something really exciting. X-rated ideas are not useful. I found a new, exciting way by combining my experiences - theory about leather and canvas products, knowledge of a car mechanic and what I experienced as a buyer of second-hand clothes. As a workplace, I was looking for freedom, not convenience or efficiency. So I moved to a mountain. I'm not keen on competition and don't like being compared to the others.

superior lab

We hope you enjoy exploring -
Enjoy the moment.
Alexandra Pfister and Stefan Wiedmer
leather pochette

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