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Alexandra Pfister Stefan Wiedmer The founders

Alexandra Pfister and Stefan Wiedmer are the creative couple behind ASANDRI, which was founded in 2009.
Alexandra Pfister studied fashion design at the Zurich University of the Arts. Stefan Wiedmer began his path in crafts and interior design.

ASANDRI "travel trough life", stands for meaningful products that combine a simple design language with functionality and are also durable and sustainable. Products that become more beautiful through use and gain in personal value the longer they accompany us on our journey.


We believe that combining great DESIGN with craftsmanship is important. That's why we support artisans around the World to preserve their skills and crafts for many generations to come


Craftsmanship is important


We do not let tradition and CRAFT fall by the wayside. We must protect the relationship between the creating hand and the physical object. We support those who care about the small but important details. We value both the functional and the artisanal nature that is present in every design


Supporting the outliers


We embrace those who are making their own way. Who work diligently to physically realise an image once created in their minds. Cheers to the CREATIVES, to the go-getters who accept neither a simple yes or no as an answer. Daredevils who seek artistic-spiritual engagement with things and People and thus arrive at something new.

Great design changes people's lives


Good design makes a product useful and in its simplicity lets you see its uniqueness and beauty. Things don't have to be complicated. We have made it our mission to highlight this importance in our shop. We show ways to sharpen the SENSE FOR BEAUTY, to develop an awareness for aesthetics and thus to have more JOY with the things of everyday life.

Quality beats quantity


We are all about working with craftsmen and manufacturers whose objects are of long-lasting QUALITY And beauty. A large number of the products we showcase are made by hand in small quantities in small artisan workshops.

Excelling in the modern age


Despite the traditional spirit of craftsmanship, we believe there is REASON to combine these principles with modern design. Our vision is a future full of well-made products that connect with people and are made by people. We want to "bequeath" the warmth of craftsmanship, the valuable philosophy of our manifesto, to future generations so that it can live on.