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Article: The true treasure lies in nature

Der wahre Schatz liegt in der Natur

The true treasure lies in nature

And to feel nature is the true luxury.

The hemp plant and its power - what are the strengths of this plant?


The hemp plant is a true marvel of nature. This annual plant does good to the soil in which it grows by helping it regenerate and detoxify. It needs no pesticides and when the hemp plant flowers, it is especially loved by bees.

More and more products are being made from hemp as a raw material, so the future can be a better one, a healthier one and a more sustainably valuable one with this very old plant.

Hemp plant

What products are made from the hemp plant?

Hemp has been used as a medicinal plant in many cultures for thousands of years. Today, hemp flowers with their mixture of countless active substances (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc.) are indispensable for many patients.

The hemp plant is holistic and versatile and can replace other raw materials in order to sustainably protect and regenerate our environment.

We would like to give a few examples: Hemp instead of cotton, needs much less water and can also be planted here in Europe. Paper made from hemp instead of wood, plastics made from hemp instead of petroleum, various building materials and much more.

Hejhej Yogastrap

Hemp oil is also an excellent source of valuable omega3 and omega6 fatty acids, as well as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for healthy eating and cosmetics.

Sveta Naturkosmetik

How does CBD work?

Studies show that CBD has anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and calming effects. However, according to the current legal situation, we are not allowed to make any recommendations for use.

Sveta products give you the greatest possible quality assurance. All Sveta CBD products bear the Arge Canna quality seal. They are tested for content and purity both by the producers and again in independent laboratories after bottling.

We recommend: Inform yourself well, look for sources you trust and always look for the Arge Canna seal of approval when buying CBD products.

This is a little insight into nature's miracle - the hemp plant, which has so many uses


Hemp hemp plant hemp flour

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