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Ballpoint Pen / Rollerball Pen | Bihex Glamour Evolve | Absinthe

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  • Material: brass, aluminium
  • Colour: Absinthe
  • Dimension: 11 x 13.7 x 133 mm
  • Weight: g
  • Refill: Schmidt 888F black x 1 included
  • Gift box
  • .
  • Handmade in Taiwan
Kugelschreiber Bihex Glamour Evolve Serie  Absinth | YSTUDIO | Made in Taiwan
Ballpoint Pen / Rollerball Pen | Bihex Glamour Evolve | Absinthe Sale priceSFr. 119.00


Bihex Rollerball Glamour Series


The bold combination of classic brass and composite materials brings a new style beyond the popular Classic Series.

The Glamour Series is thus an iconic shift in showcasing YSTUDIO's creation and confidence of its last 10 years.

Based on YSTUDIO's classic hexagon design, uneven double hexagons result in 12 beautiful ridge lines. The design of vibrant and contrasting colours showcases various combinations from everyday life, making it a unique object for accessories.

The cap and body of the pen are made of aluminium, which are concise and practical - perfect for carrying around.

The pen clip continues to use our classic brass element and is shaped by a delicate architectural concept that has carefully carved out every tiny nook and surface.

This new design concept from YSTUDIO, a truly exquisite pen range, offers people a timeless experience.


To ensure the longevity of your pen and maintain its pristine condition, please follow these care instructions:

Sun exposure: To avoid slight yellowing of the plastic components in the pen body, it is advisable to minimise prolonged direct sunlight exposure.

Alcohol exposure: Although alcohol does not normally have harmful effects on the human body when using the pen, it is best to avoid long-term exposure to prevent possible damage.

Regular cleaning: For daily maintenance, use a dry cloth to clean the pen and maintain its appearance. If the pen becomes dirty, simply wiping it with a damp cloth should be sufficient.

The front end of the pen body is made of brass. Its colour may change over time due to different conditions of use and storage. Please note that a change in colour caused by oxidation is harmless. If you prefer to restore the pen to its original appearance, you can gently wipe the surface with brass oil and a thick paper towel, effectively restoring the natural colour of the brass material.

Made by local factories, each product is crafted by the scorching heat of one thousand degrees and shaped by the hands of master craftsmen with years of experience. The patina that develops on the pens during use depends on various conditions and this makes each pen unique. The oxidation process is harmless. By wiping the pen with a copper oil, the original shine can be restored. Experience and enjoy this unique beauty of copper and brass.

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