Azabu kitchen towel | Shiga flax linen

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  • Material: 100% Shiga flax linen
  • Colour: natural white with contrasting stripes on sides
  • Size: 70cm x 50cm
  • Weight: 126g
  • Handmade in Shiga Prefecture, Japan


Azmaya's tea towels, called Azabu Ju-yon-ban, are made from a single linen thread woven into high-density cloths. The durable and long-lasting cloths are highly absorbent and dry quickly. Flax linen becomes softer and more absorbent with each wash. There is a linen loop in the centre of the longer hem of each cloth for easy hanging and drying. The cloths are designed for long-lasting and sustainable use that you will enjoy for many years.

Care instructions:
It is recommended to wash the cloth before first use to give the linen a casual, soft feel. Linen is ideally suited for daily use in the kitchen. This is because the material is antibacterial, very absorbent and does not lint. The tea towels are also very robust and can withstand washing at 60 degrees without any problems. After washing, simply smooth the cloth by hand and let it air dry (not in direct sunlight).

Die Story zu AZMAYA

Tools for everyday life

One of the fundamental characteristics of humans is our dependence on the tools we use to eat, clean, and build our homes. Carefully crafted tools for everyday life.Azmayahas recognized this need and fulfills it with a wide range of high-quality tools for modern daily life. Since 1997, the Tokyo-based studio has drawn on traditional crafts and rituals to create useful things for modern life.Azmayaprioritizes function over form, designing homewares with simple grace that fit seamlessly into our homes and habits.

By working closely with local craftsmen and manufacturers who have been working for many decades and generationsAzmayabrings the enduring techniques and materials of Japanese craftsmanship to a wider audience and ensures that they will continue to be appreciated in the future.

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