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Cuddle Blanket | Mountain Plaid | Sheep Wool | Mottled Mud | 150 x 200cm

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  • Material: sustainable, Mongolian sheep wool, 2% silk
  • Color: 165 mottled mud
  • Finished with a contrast yarn at the edge in different colours possible
  • .
  • Pollutant reduced manufacturing
  • Fair and social, resource-friendly production
  • Repairable
  • Size: 150x200cm
  • Weight: 1Kg
  • Care: Dry cleaning only, lying dry.
  • Delivery time 2-3 weeks
  • .
  • Handmade in Germany
Cuddle Blanket | Mountain Plaid | Sheep Wool | Mottled Mud | 150 x 200cm
Cuddle Blanket | Mountain Plaid | Sheep Wool | Mottled Mud | 150 x 200cm Sale priceSFr. 369.00


The Mountain Plaid is woven from the finest Mongolian sheep's wool on old looms in Friesland. That sounds deliberately slow, and it is. A blanket that is completely original and robust, for hill and dale and all eventualities. Without sacrificing its soft side. Because the Mountain Plaid impresses above all with its cashmere feel. A true heroine that is further refined with colourful ribbons or cashmere threads at the edges.

Your Mountain Plaid is skin-friendly and untreated, which means: the blanket is not chemically treated against pilling and shrinkage. After a few weeks, depending on the wear and tear, hang the blanket out in the fresh air.

Remove stains with a cold, damp cloth. If heavily soiled, we recommend dry cleaning.
You own something very special.

LPJ Studios collect valuable textile scraps and use them to develop classy avant-garde designs with the highest standards of aesthetics and manufacturing. Recycling is not the only goal, but also the development of a unique designer piece.

Die Story zu LPJ STUDIOS


The origin of the label is the designerHedwig Bouley,who launched the LPJ project in 2015. The abbreviation stands for the names of her three children Lisa, Paul and Joseph, who inspired her project. The renowned designer has been working for well-known names in the fashion industry for more than 30 years. With her own label, she is taking a groundbreaking step towards a new, more sustainable direction for the textile industry. And proves that it is possible to be ecologically responsible and to value our resources, even at a high level of design.

It's time to think about the hemline. Season after season, vast amounts of new, fine fabrics and luxurious yarns are disposed of as “waste”. Valuable raw materials and pure inspiration for new collections. Because upcycling doesn't just mean closing the cycle through reuse, it is the creation of value and new creation of distinctive pieces and characters. Selected fabrics and yarns are woven with great sensitivity using old craftsmanship to create large-format carpets that reinterpret the tried-and-tested “patchwork carpet”. Extraordinary plaids made from recycled cashmere, felted transitions and hand-knitting yarns ensure sustainable tangles. Combined with handmade cushion creations, monster-like seating or a tapestry that turns your favorite sweater into an unforgettable work of art. There is no end to the ideas in the product portfolio. Like the ring that adorns every LPJ unique piece, as a symbol of endless reuse.

Because LPJ STUDIOS stands for the future and the cycle of things. Because sustainability is not a trend, but a philosophy that you carry and live within yourself.


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«Wir glauben, dass die Kombination von grossartigem Design und handwerklichen Können wichtig ist. Deshalb unterstützen wir Handwerker weltweit, um ihre Fähigkeiten und Handwerksbetriebe für viele weitere Generationenzu erhalten.»

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