Black Series - Apple Tree Bowl N°01 - limited edition

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The limited edition apple tree bowl belongs to the Black series and was created in Othmar Prenner's workshop. The handmade round wooden bowl made of apple tree wood is lovingly finished after an elaborate drying process. After the wooden bowl has taken its shape, it is carefully fired in a fire at a high temperature. This gives it its unique appearance. Finally, the handmade apple tree bowl is finished with beeswax to make every indentation and the unique play of lines in the wood stand out even more and to give durability to the object's special patina.


Wood is a natural and living raw material that can also change, expand and contract over the years.

Each of the Othmar Prenner Black Bowls is absolutely unique. They are only available in limited editions.

  • Material: apple tree wood
  • .
  • Size: approx. 350 x 60mm ( diameter x height )
  • Design: Othmar Prenner
  • Handmade in South Tyrol Italy


The Maker

Othmar Prenner (*1966) is strongly connected to his life and roots in the heart of the Italian Alps. After an apprenticeship as a carpenter, he studied sculpture at the Kunstgewerbeschule für Bildhauerei in Innsbruck and moved to Munich, where he deepened his knowledge at the Kunstakademie. In addition to his work there as an assistant and his involvement with photography, he worked for artists such as Joseph Kosuth, Sylvie Fleury, Jenny Holzer.

After a stay in New York, he felt strongly drawn to the mountains of his childhood, returned to South Tyrol and began working with local materials that surrounded him. He followed the path of generations of farmers who, because of the remote and difficult living conditions, learned to develop objects for themselves based on what nature produced around them. This way of constantly experimenting and developing things for himself led Othmar Prenner to work with different materials such as wood, stone, ceramics, steel, pewter combined with the desire to combine a strong artistic sensibility with perfect craftsmanship. His creations reflect the simplicity and strength of nature and combine timeless aesthetics with a certain "elegance of poverty" of the alpine valleys.

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