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Article: How was your week?

Wie war deine Woche?

How was your week?

We would like to give you alittle insight into how our last week went. A personal snapshot, a look behind the scenes - joyful and thoughtful.

As we told you on Monday, we wanted to open our shop at noon on Tuesday. No sooner said than done. On Monday afternoon, we completely rearranged our studio. We rearranged everything that is still allowed to be sold and put all the products that are not allowed in the back.
Tuesday at noon everything was in place and we were ready for our customers. As expected, the street was less busy than usual, the parking spaces in front of our shop were empty except for one spot. A few people hurried by to pick up their sandwiches and pizzas. Some stopped in front of the window in amazement and studied the displays. A neighbour came by and asked why we were open. Friendly, we explained the situation to him and showed him the FOP's list. A light-hearted conversation ensued and he realised he still needed hand soap. The afternoon was otherwise quiet.

Towards evening there was more movement on the streets again. People were on their way home. The illuminated room aroused interest and one customer was very happy to find a birthday card right on her way home. Another customer desperately needed bath salts to relax, he had back pain from sitting in his home office for so long.


Every encounter was a pleasure, both for us and for the clients. After the first day, it was clear to us that the decision to open the shop was right and important. Not for the turnover, which is minimal in comparison - but for the customers. To be there for a social encounter, a place where exchange is possible and time takes a back seat.


Those little moments of magic, be it a beautiful sunrise or just the social encounters that used to be taken for granted and now become an experience. The thirteen clients who visited us this week were all happy to have a conversation and an exchange - to be human, to be perceived with their basic needs.

In addition to all these beautiful encounters, we would like to highlight one more highlight, a wonderful review by a customer. Thank you very much, Francine. If you like what we offer, we are also happy about a feedback. It encourages us to continue and to keep at it, especially in these very challenging times.


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