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Article: Do you love change - even voluntary change?

Liebst du Veränderungen – auch freiwillige? 

Do you love change - even voluntary change?

So here it is: the snow in the lowlands - and the second lockdown.

A winter that lives up to its name, the "Flockdown".

Snow is something very fascinating and does something to us humans every time. One is perhaps annoyed or enraptured. Amazed at this force of nature that forces our trams and buses to a standstill, buries everything from birdhouses to cars - and turns our time management upside down.


What can we learn from this snowstorm? We can get upset, or we can enjoy it and make the best of it. In this respect, the analogy between the snowflake and the lockdown is not so wrong: we and our lives are part of nature. We humans are adaptable in our behaviour, even if most people tend to answer no to the above question. Sometimes we cannot change things - but how we deal with them, we can determine.

How do we deal with the lockdown? We have intensively researched, weighed up and decided:


Our shop will remain open with a limited range


We want to continue to enrich your everyday life and offer, as usual, selected products for a sustainable and mindful lifestyle. Products to make your time at home more pleasant.

Which ranges are still available in our studio?

  • Full beauty and body care range
  • .
  • Disinfectant
  • Cleaning and washing products
  • Paper and stationery
  • Tools
  • Candles
  • Superfoods / food supplements
  • Tea and coffee range
  • A selection of soft drinks and gin
  • Glasses and cups

Since we have a local presence, you can always place your order online and pick it up from our shop during opening hours.

ASANDRI STUDIO will remain open as follows from 19 January 2021:
Tuesday to Friday 12pm - 7pm
Saturday 11 am - 5 pm

You are also welcome to reach us via chat or Mail if you have any questions about the products or are looking for something specific.

We will use the time to inspire you and give you ideas to make your time at home more enjoyable. Let us surprise you. Let's be creative and break new ground together.


Always expect a miracle

It took us a while to get this sentence from our heads to our hearts and to understand what it means: Always expecting a miracle does not mean always expecting something wonderful to happen. To always expect a miracle means to have the unconditional willingness to look for the miracle behind it, even in those things that don't feel like a miracle for the first time. And thus to give the experience a new, beautiful and deep meaning.


Believe well and hopefully see you soon, we are here for you and look forward to seeing you online or on site. Thank you for your curiosity and support.

Sincerely Alexandra and Stefan


stay safe

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