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Article: Sloungewear Capsule for Helvetas

Sloungewear Capsule für Helvetas - ASANDRI STUDIO

Sloungewear Capsule for Helvetas

Photo by Géraldine Leblanc
  • Why were you interested in working with Helvetas?

ASANDRI STUDIO has already initiated several co-operations with charitable goals in the past - it was obvious for us to launch this once with a large organisation like HELVETAS.

  • What does the topic of sustainability mean to you privately and in connection with your work?

I have been involved with the topic of sustainability since before it was on anyone's agenda - much longer than all the current hype that is now associated with it, which is unfortunately all too often misused as a PR gadget.

The fashion and fashion industries are now becoming more and more concerned with sustainability.

The fashion and textile industry is one of the worst environmental offenders and is not in the headlines far too often for nothing in terms of exploitation of its workers. This development was regrettably foreseeable with the shift of manufacturing and production away from Western countries, with their increasingly rigid environmental and labour regulations, to developing and emerging countries, whose political and economic systems easily overlook environmental pollution and disregard for human rights.

The issue is very complex and needs a lot of education and transparency so that consumers can make more conscious choices when shopping in the future.

For my work, this meant focusing even more on slow fashion -so-called favourite pieces- and developing new products according to our own rhythm and in line with our beliefs.

  • What is your professional background - especially why you came up with the name of SLOUNGEWEAR and what are/were your thoughts on the Helvetas collection
  • ?

Together with my partner, I have been developing and designing tailor-made design concepts for renowned international companies and brands for twenty years. Moreover, I also take on teaching assignments time and again, because it is important to me to give our young talent in the fashion industry something of my experience on their way into the professional world.

Five years ago, we opened the concept store ASANDRI STUDIO in Kreis 5 in Zurich as a complement to our design and consulting activities. We offer our own collections and products as well as other selected ones to create a platform that allows good small brands to tell their story, which is always in line with our own philosophy. In this way, we want to help newcomers to present themselves to a critical but interested audience.



We live in a time that is characterised by a hectic pace and a non-stop online presence. Work often comes home with us or is done from there with "home office days"


SLOUNGEWEAR - a play on words from sleep and lounge - offers combinable pieces that are so wonderfully easy to wear but still trendy that they are meant to encourage us to relax, making it easier for us to really switch "OFF-line".

Relaxation should not trigger a guilty conscience - we need time and leisure to recharge. With our SLOUNGEWEAR, we are addressing everyone who wants to consciously step away from the hustle and bustle and take time for themselves.


Photo by Geraldine Leblanc

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