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Article: The wonderful, natural scented candles from Brooklyn Candle Studio

Wir lieben die wunderbaren, natürlichen Duftkerzen von Brooklyn Candle Studio - ASANDRI STUDIO

The wonderful, natural scented candles from Brooklyn Candle Studio

Since Sunday it's wintertime - it always takes us a few weeks to get used to the longer dark nights. To make our rooms cosier, scented candles, lots of cuddly cushions and a large cup of tea help.

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The Escapist collection takes us to our favourite places in the world, places we have travelled to and which have a permanent place in our olfactory memories. ITALIA is our favourite at the moment, evoking a bustling pasticceria from which this exotically fragrant blend of cardamom, vanilla, clove, incense and orange blossom pours out onto the street.

Italia, Brooklyn Candle, Vegan, Scented Candle, Candle

The scented candles are hand-poured by Tamara Mayne and her team in a small manufactory on 35th Street in Brooklyn. Only organic soy wax and precious fragrance oil is used. The double cotton fuse is free of lead and other chemicals, and no artificial softeners, dyes or preservatives are added.

Tamara Maine, Brooklyn Candle Studio, handcrafted, handmade

handmade, Brooklyn Candle Studio, handcrafted, vegan, scented candle

Handmade in New York, scented candles from Brooklyn Candle Studio make wonderful gifts for loved ones and friends at Christmas, for birthdays or simply as stylish souvenirs. With these scented candles, you always give a little piece of sustainability and a touch of wanderlust.

So don't wait too long! If you get your gifts early, you'll have more peace and time before Christmas to enjoy them with friends.

Brooklyn Candle Studio, Travel Candles, Scented Candle, Vegan

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