Chickens | a declaration of love

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  • Title: Chickens a declaration of love
  • .
  • Author: Matteo Tranchellini, Moreno Monti
  • Publisher: TeNeues Media
  • Publication date: 15.03.2020
  • Language: German, English
  • ISBN: 9783961712601
  • Format: 27.8 x 30.9
  • Weight 1643g
  • Features: hardback edition , 188 pages, 100 colour illustrations


The first and only large illustrated book on the subject of chickens. A completely new look at our feathered companions. With exciting texts on chicken breeds and chicken keeping.

Trend topic chicken keeping: in the category "guidebook" on the bestseller lists it is impossible to imagine life without it


It is no longer a secret that chickens are the new stars on farms, meadows, but also in home gardens and backyards. The trend towards keeping chickens and the hype surrounding the feathered egg producers seem unstoppable.

So it is finally time to create a photographic monument to the chickens. Because what is often misunderstood is the elegance, grace and beauty of our feathered co-inhabitants. The photographers Matteo Tranchellini and Moreno Monti show in lavish and spectacular pictures why chickens can be true models and graces. You've never seen chickens like this before - dazzling colours, exciting patterns and breath-taking poses that show us one thing above all: We have underestimated the feathered beauties from the henhouse for far too long.

    About the author

    Moreno Monti & Matteo Tranchellini live in Milan and have worked together for years on advertising campaigns and with international artists. They have always been passionate about photography and have found that as a team they can generate creative synergies that would not be possible alone. Each of them has their own personal approach to photography and brings different aspects of their personal taste to each project. The coffee table book "Chickens" is a child of their creative collaboration.

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