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Style is not a question of age


The essays on topics such as fashion, design, work, family, friendship, age, money and love, which are as clever as they are humorous, are worth reading for themselves. In addition, it is highly entertaining on every page, full of thought-provoking and visual stimuli and wonderfully designed. With exclusive pictures and anecdotes from the world of fashion and the candid maxims of life, this autobiography by Iris Apfel is a total work of art.

  • Title: IRIS APFEL - Accidential Icon
  • Author: Iris Apfel
  • Publisher: Midas Collection
  • Publication date: 2019, 4th edition,
  • Language: German
  • ISBN: 9783038761464
  • Size: 17.5 x 24.6 cm
  • Weight: 923gr.
  • Hardcover, 176 pages.



"Iris Apfel's autobiography is one of the best style books I have ever read. So much wisdom, so much knowledge." Jörg Oberwittler, style-statements.de

"Iris Apfel makes it clear that creativity and the love of one's own doing is ageless. A wonderful person with great life experience and mental clarity. A role model for young and old." People Magazine

There's no more opulent way: "Iris Apfel - Style is not a question of age" puts you in a brightly coloured good mood! Gala, April 2019 issue

about the author

Today's fashion is tailored to young people. "Simply ridiculous", is the opinion of Iris Apfel, considered one of the most original international style icons of our time and - get this - 97 years young. She is a living legend in the fashion world, and her extravagant public appearance has made her a role model for authenticity, self-confidence and for energy even at the highest age. She uses Instagram as a platform for her everyday fashion and has over a million fans there, she designs jewellery, accessories, textiles, pieces of furniture, is in demand as a model for big fashion brands
and is also successful as an interior designer.

Iris Apfel became known mainly in the USA through her appearances on the Internet and on television, she was portrayed in the EMMY-nominated documentary "Iris" by Albert Maysles. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York dedicated an exhibition to her - with spectacular success. High time, then, in these times of youth mania and wrinkle-free fashion shots, to take a look at a woman who is not only an absolute original and embodies real style, but can also look back on a sensational life and a wealth of experience - with wit, nonchalance and an elegance that you just have to love.

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