Japanese Ink Nurebairo No. 01 | 40ml

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  • Ink colour: Nurebairo (black)
  • Content: 40ml
  • Glass bottle
  • Application: for fountain pens, brushes and dip pens
  • .
  • Made in Kyoto, Japan


Made in the Japanese city of Kyoto, Kyo No Oto inks feature traditional colours inspired by the city's beautiful landscape and culture


The ink colours are made using traditional colouring techniques that have been used since the Heian era some 1000 years ago and have long been an expression of its rich history and deep culture.
Nureba-iro was used for the name, which represents a woman's glossy black hair like a crow's feather.

    Takeda Jimuki inks are made in small batches, so the colour may vary slightly from one bottle to another. Takeda Jimuki inks are also known as TAG or Kyoto TAG inks, based on the abbreviated name used by Takeda Jimuki's stationery shop in Kyoto.

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