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Schale Mini aus Kirschbaumholz | Kito Diamond XS

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Enchanting bowls made of cherry wood in the shape of traditional Japanese motifs (seed leaf, honey word and diamond) You can use them as plates for serving spices on the dining table or as decorative trays on the bedside table. The series was christened "KITO", which means "with tree" in Japanese, so that we can spend our daily lives in contact with the essence of wood. Thanks to its lacquer finish, the bowl is incredibly durable.

It takes about 100 years for a tree to grow large enough to be used as a plate or tray. Aizawa Wood cuts the strong wood that the forest yields, with no waste due to the accuracy and speed of the machine. Fine polishing by hand creates a high quality feel. The strength of 100 years locked in solid wood is carved to be used for more than 100 years. Aizawa woodwork brings "the beauty of wood" into our daily lives.


Aizawa Wood goes all out, to live and work in a way that respects the forest and allows you to pass on the richness of forests to future generations.

The woodenbowlsare placedin a beautifulboxjelly.

  • Material: cherrywood.
  • Liquid glass coating
  • Size: 74 x 63 x H15mm
  • Design: Masanori Oji
  • Packaging: boxbox.
  • Handmade in Toyama Japan
Schale Mini Kito aus Kirschbaumholz | AIZAWA WOOD WORKS | Handmade in Japan
Schale Mini aus Kirschbaumholz | Kito Diamond XS Sale priceSFr. 49.00


The Makers

Aizawa Wood Works was founded in 1947 in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture, and has been producing its own original line of household products since 2013. The simple, refined designs showcase the natural beauty of the wood used.

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«Wir glauben, dass die Kombination von grossartigem Design und handwerklichen Können wichtig ist. Deshalb unterstützen wir Handwerker weltweit, um ihre Fähigkeiten und Handwerksbetriebe für viele weitere Generationenzu erhalten.»

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