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Toolbox Toyo ST-350 | Yellow | Limited

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  • Material: pressed steel powder-coated
  • Colour: yellow
  • Dimension: 35 x 16 x 21.5cm (length x width x height)
  • Tool compartment at the bottom: 11 cm high
  • .
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Double handles, double layers
  • Comes with 8 removable dividers
  • .
  • Weight: 2.6kg
  • Packaging: cardboard box
  • Long Life Design Award
  • .
  • Made in Japan
NIWAKI x TOYO STEEL - Werkzeugkiste Toyo ST-350 | Gelb | Made in Japan
Toolbox Toyo ST-350 | Yellow | Limited Sale priceSFr. 147.00


Limited series from the cooperation of Niwaki and Toyo Steel. The sturdy and classic ST-350 toolbox ideal for home use, lightweight, portable, slim format, extremely durable and seamlessly designed from a single piece.


Every detail is well thought out, rounded edges to avoid injury, adjustable handle, locking loop, embossed top and bottom. Four loose metal dividers for the top two compartments. When open, the bottom compartment is completely released, so tools are always within reach. Fold-away handles, two lid eyelets allow the toolbox to be locked. The use of the tool box is practical, it finds its place in all rooms of the house for storing pens, sewing thread, telephones, glasses, kitchen utensils ... and of course tools

Toyo Steel Co Ltd, founded in 1969 in Osaka, produces the perfect tool box. Based on a 1947 design by Keiyu Hisashi, this sturdy and classic ST-350 toolbox is ideal for home use. Lightweight, portable, narrow format, extremely durable because seamlessly designed with a single piece.

Die Story zu TOYO STEEL

History and Development

Founded in 1969, Toyo Steel has been the "manufacturing company that supports a bright and safe working and living environment" for more than half a century, with a toolbox as its main product.
As a tool box manufacturer, Toyo Steel has a TOP share (70%) in the Japanese steel tool box market due to the uniqueness of its products and differentiation from other products in the market.

Toyo Steel began as a manufacturer of industrial products for professional tools.
However, they have also evolved in the lifestyle product market - due to their uniqueness in design combined with Japanese craftsmanship.
In addition to industrial customers, Toyo Steel is also highly valued by audiences with a strong sense of aesthetics, such as the MoMA Design Store (USA/Japan).

Reliable Japanese quality and products are designed to last for years of use.
The designs and materials are carefully selected so that you can enjoy a beautiful vintage aesthetic even as you age.
Longevity and resilience have contributed to a more sustainable environment.

The products have won the "Good Design Award" and the "Long Life Design Award" and have been popular for more than half a century.


Customer Reviews

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Regula Müller

Werkzeugkiste Toyo ST-350 | Gelb | Limitiert

Herzlichen Dank Regula für Deine 5 Sterne - weiterhin viel Spass mit der tollen Toolbox.

Tolle Werkzeugkiste

Sehr gute Verarbeitung, schnelle Lieferung.
Bin sehr zufrieden.

Herzlichen Dank Daniel - wenn die Kunden zufrieden sind sind wir es auch ;-)

Elsa B

Die Werkzeugkiste ist einmalig schön. Alles das hat Platz, was in so eine Kiste hineingehört und die Farbe macht einen froh. Tip top!

Liebe Elsa
Herzliche Dank für dein Feedback. Weiterhin viel Freude an der schönen Toolbox.
Herzliche Grüsse

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